Abalar is a medium sized village in the kingdom of Southwich founded next to Deepwood because of the plentiful truffles that could be farmed there. As more and more of the working class stayed here with their pigs they used to gather the truffles, the owners, capitalists, and royalty moved a bit further from the stench to found the nearby town of Greenridge. When all of the ruling class disappeared in The Last Warming Ceremony, all of the populace that could leave Greenridge moved to Abalar or even further away, making it more densely populated than it was prepared for.

Between the working class of its past and the assortment of folks from the exodus from Greenridge, Abalar’s people are quite diverse. Over the decades, they have learned to get along and accept many sorts of beings and customs due to the crowded and physically small town with its comparatively large population, but this was not without its incidents. In the past, Abalar has had a few feuds ending with, or perhaps because, humans always seeming to have the highest positions of power.

Proximal Locations of Interest
Mining Camp
Esoteric Order’s Reliquary
Secret Tunnel

Current Events
Father Thrimin has led both the church of Einsak and, by extension, all of Abalar for the last decade or so. Ruvin has seeded the Esoteric Order of Jimby in the town, and the newly formed secular empire has seemed to have taken control of Abalar.


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