Greenridge was built because the rich sought to put as many hills as possible between them and the smell of the pigs and workers in nearby Abalar. All those that could fled after The Last Warming Ceremony, leaving only the servants they had no room or desire to bring. Since Greenridge was largely dependent on Abalar for all of its resources and the lack of farming and hunting skills of the remaining population, Greenridge became immensely poor. Most of the housing is dilapidated and no one seems to know how to repair it. Merchants rarely pass by Abalar and never to Greenridge because the roads are dangerous with no government to stop the banditry. It is only a matter of time before Greenridge is a fading memory.


The people of Greenridge mostly live off of the few goats they have and from the comfort of religion. Lady Zelastro seems to be doing fine in her large manor, taking control of the resources while also running the church of Einsak. Kahlo runs the local tavern, The Hepatic Assassin, and museum, both of which are relegated to a practically empty building.

Proximal Places of Interest

Cult’s Lair
Middle’s End

Current Events

Since the people of Greenridge have nothing to lose and everything to gain, the village seems to be the center point of the local rebellion. Many homes which were on the brink of collapse have been turned to ruins in the recent meteor strike. There have been rumors that a trio of prodigal brothers have returned from a years old banishment due to an incident with a goat.


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